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The Crazy, Mixed-Up World of...
The LFB Photo Album

Enjoy the Visual Stylings in the land of Lola Fritz Busby.

Fritz hits the streets!
A portrait of insanity!

When faced with boredom, take pictures of the cat!
I will hide amid this blanket mountain to escape the storm!

Clear a path! Coming through!!!
Despite the increased amount of shovelling taking place this morning, this path goes nowhere!

Over the first 8 snowbanks, around the next 3...
...through 30 feet of it and onward to McDonalds!!!

Check out these crazy Blizzard pics. More will come once the barrage abates and we can once again go outside! Snow Angels here we come!!

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This is from around 4pm. I actually went out in this...not a smart or "dry" idea!

Beryl! At long last, I have found you!
Lola finally discovers her exact parking location.

Playing Peekaboo behind a parking lot snowdrift...
a new Halifax pass time!

The morning after the night before!
Well, the storm is over....Now, where did I park my car??

A great day to meet the neighbors!

Sidewalks? We don't need no stinking sidewalks!!!

I swear...Tim Horton's is somewhere around here!

Lord Tunderin' Jesus Marv! Now that's some snow!!!

000_0148.jpg's 8pm at night...the snow is blowing directly at me...and the picture really doesn't show what's happening here. But it shuuuuuuuure does look purdy!

And I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to do on my birthday??!!

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