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The Crazy, Mixed-Up World of...
About Lola Fritz Busby

There Ain't No Party Like An LFB Party!

LFB or LolaFritzBusby are 3 wild and crazy cats who have adopted Halifax, Nova Scotia as their Party Zone! Here in the depths of this site you will find all their dirty little Lola's love for the Slimwich!

We Gots Da Funk!


The Face of Lola Fritz Busby!
We're HOT!

Oh What A Night!!

LFB hold court at a local Hot Spot. People were lined for blocks just to get a glimpse of the famous LFB!

LFB Favorites
Favorite Food
Lola - Naked Chef Pasta
Fritz - Rice!
Busby - Pepperoni Pizza and Fried Pepperoni
Favorite Movie
Lola - Say Anything
Fritz - The Colour Purple
Busby - Jack Frost (Not Michael Keaton One!)
Favorite Reading Material
Lola - British Chick Novels
Fritz - X-Men Comics
Busby - JLA Comics

The LFB Top Ten List!
The Top Ten Things To Do When You're Under Siege:
10. Spend the Day With the Salem Serial Killer.
  9. Electrocute yourself on the can.
  8. Rent the original version of Wuthering Heights, not the new MTV atrocity!
  7. Send the "slow" one of the group out into the blizzard to pick up inane things like "kitty litter".
  6. Take pictures of slowly disappearing automobiles.
  5. Clean you house for guests that ...never come...
  4. Strategically place buckets throughout your home so that the leaking water musically creates your own personal "Under Siege" soundtrack.
  3. Call random fast food restaurants, order large amounts of food and then tell them "Yeah, it's for delivery?!"
  2. Take 2 shots of Tequila for each restaurant who accepts your delivery order.
  1. Eat your weight in Chocolate Chip Cookies!


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