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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
"I love the smell of melting Gray Matter in the's the land where the snow banks rival the height of the trafic lights...where 3 lanes is now one...where David Byrne would feel at home writing his next great "ditty" reminiscent of "Nothing But Flowers"...and it's also, apparantly, the best choice of place for people to lose their minds and drive faster and more recklessly than ever. With the amount of accidents and broken childrens bones currently being compiled by the unknown Haligonian statistician, it's beginning to feel a little more like "Deathrace" rather than Halifax around here. Are we on camera???? Is this David Lettermans' "Stupid Human Tricks"???
Well I'm changing channels to Conan. I've said it before, I'll say it again...People Suck! And the ones who suck the the worst!


Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Another day, another dollar here in Halifax.  School - ON!  Sidewalks - NONE!  Coffee - HOT!  Caution - NOT!  Apparently, people find that driving like maniacs is a great idea...perhaps you will be seeing new entries into NASCAR as a direct result of our storm.  If I were you, I would bet on them to win because nothing stops a mad Halifax motorist on their way to a Tim Horton's!
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
The vacation is over for LFB and all are back to work, toiling in the cold Halifax winter.  Getting to work is the most challenging because instead of four lanes of traffic, now there is only one!  The fact that the snowbanks are a million feet tall doesn't help either.  Weather reports have the sun coming out for the rest of the week and warm temperatures.  Snow will be melting!  Lola will have to wear a rain slicker and galoshes to bed tonight!
Monday, February 23, 2004
Despite Lola's cries of "We are all going to die", LFB remains housebound in the snowy city.  Plowing and snow removal continue....but Canadian Idol has arrived in town.  From bad weather to bad singers...will it never end???
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
The members of LFB are slowly going mad....It has started to snow once again and we have just been informed that schools will be closed again tomorrow.  No work for Lola!  Instead, she will be strategically placing buckets throughout her boudoir to catch the steady drips from the ceiling.  Today will be devoted to finding closet space throughout the apartment (and perhaps the building) for all the misplaced clothing. After spending two nights on the couch, Lola is beginning to think that her neck will remain cricked forever!  In other news, for the last two nights, the fearsome threesome (LFB) have dedicated their time to watching movies and eating (not necessarily in that order)...please let it stop snowing before they explode!  In an effort to keep their shapely forms and remain sane, Lola and Fritz are headed into the great outdoors to seek more photos for the gallery.  Busby, however, is off to work!  We wish him luck in getting there with no bus service!
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
Another day of storm aftermath is here...the dig out is VERY slow because there is no place to put the snow. The city has announced that there will be no transit service until at least Monday morning. Tim Horton's has declared a state of emergency of their own due to the shortage of medium, large and extra large cups. And another curfew has been ordered upon the city, this time starting as early as 10pm. The potential result for breaking this curfew: $1000 fine, having your car impounded and a 6 month jail term...well now, if that isn't just the biggest carrot dangling in front of Bessy's nose!
Friday, February 20th, 2004
The city has brought in an 11pm - 7am curfew...okay...well, we's Snow Angels at Midnight baby!!!!!
Friday, February 20th, 2004
Today the weather was lovely. Blue skies, a light breeze, not too cold, 93 centimeters of snow...93 CENTIMETERS OF SNOW??? People are trying to get out from all of the white stuff...but some will have to wait as long as Monday...MONDAY!!! And guess what? More is on the way...possibly another 25 to 30 centimeters. What frickin' lottery did we win???
On a positive note, Lola celebrated her 32nd in fine style with the help of a brand new Whizz-Banger and mini coffee cakes!
Thursday, February 19th, 2004
Yes! Yes indeed, the weather outside is in fact VERY FRIGHTFUL...yet downy and white like a puffy cloud...apparently with irritable bowel syndrome.
The photo on the right was taken this morning at roughly 11am, circa 35cm's fallen...currently we are at 83cm's fallen. A difference of 48cm's. So think about that. Add another 48 cm's of snow to the already burried cars in this lot...what do you end up with? That's right ladies and gents, the worlds biggest game of automobile hide and seek!
It's currently 8pm...9 hours after the photo was taken...and there has been no let up.
Welcome to our Winter JUAN-derland!

Lola, indicating how long she has been housebound!

Holy Crap Batman! Did it Snow???
Bet you wish you had've gone for the full sized shovel now, eh Lola?

Lola braves the aftermath of JUAN-derland...
000_0174.jpg buy a new car...she decides shovelling is just not her.

So we're snowed in with a city wide curfew...
000_0216.jpg we're gonna drink and chant curses to the Bad Karma person out there!

Boredom rears its' ugly head!


Shiver Me Timbers Lola!
Is that where you keep your stash???

"It has been my SOURCE of entertainment" - JG, Ottawa

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